Announcing firmware revision 1801 (requiring app upgrade to version 1.1.9)

1.1.9 (Mar 10, 2018)

Add notifications for disconnect Support for updated Firmware!

Of additional note:
1.1.7 (Dec 18, 2017)

Updated user experience New datasets logic to show what's been synced to the cloud


counts.pro features are driven by demonstrated need


2-D histogram plotting of raw survey data, using a function similar to:

def plot_hist( data=None, bins=25, dataset_title=None, plot_title=None, savefig=False, ): if type(plot_title) == type(None): plot_title = "{} bins = \'{}\'".format(data.name, bins) if type(dataset_title) == type(""): plot_title = dataset_title + " " + plot_title series = pd.Series(data.values) print(min(series)) if bins in ['auto', 'fd', 'doane', 'scott', 'rice', 'sturges', 'sqrt']: print(bins, " ",) count, bins = np.histogram(series, bins=bins) print(len(bins)) ax = series.plot.hist(bins=bins,alpha=0.7) ax.set_title(plot_title) return ax

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